How Can Father Avoid Going To Jail For Not Paying Child Support


§  Mother has filed a motion for contempt against the Father for non-payment of child support.
§  Father has a court order to pay child support;
§  Father lost his job and has stopped paying child support;

Issue: What can the Father do to avoid going to jail for non-payment of child support?

Family Law Advice & Information:

§  In order to avoid a motion for contempt, the Father should have immediately filed with         the court a modification of child support as soon as he lost his job.

§   The modification lets the court know that the Father’s financial situation has changed and he is need of relief.

§   Now that the Mother has filed the motion for contempt, if the Father still does not have employment, the Father needs to show the court:
…that he has involuntarily lost his employment.
…that he has been diligently looking for work.
…that he is indeed unable to pay the court ordered child support.

§  The Father can also ask the court for a temporary reduction of child support while he is looking for work, if he is reasonably sure that his unemployment is temporary.

§   Again, if you are a Father who cannot pay child support because of unemployment reasons, you must let the court know immediately by way of a modification of child support in order to avoid any contempt motions in the future.

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